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5 Signs You Need Your Water Tested

Here in Fayetteville, it is NO SECRET our water isn’t great. We have actually found VERY HARMFUL particles in our water that may lead to cancer. Just check it out here. Think your home has fallen victim to the harmful hard water that is flowing through most North Carolina homes? Here is how to tell if it is time to get your water tested:

Corrosion on Plumbing Fixtures

If you start to notice build up or corrosion on your fixtures, this is a sign you need your water tested. Your plumbing fixtures should last you a long time and hard water can decrease the lifespan of your fixtures.

Dry Skin and Hair

Hard water takes a toll on your skin and hair. If you notice your hair color is not lasting as long as it should be, your water may have something to do with it. Hard water can strip your hair color and even get into your skin, causing abnormally dry skin after a shower. Have you noticed a difference in your hair and skin? You may be in need of a water test.

Unusual Taste

One of the most obvious signs is poor tasting water. If you notice your water is leaving a bad taste in your mouth, you need your water tested NOW. Your water should never leave an after taste nor should you have any residual sediment.

Chlorine Smell

Here in Fayetteville, when they are treating the water you can actually SMELL the chlorine in the water. While we do currently treat our water in our city, it still isn’t enough. If you notice your water still has a lingering chlorine smell, it’s time to get your water tested. You should NOT be ingesting ANY chlorine.

Visibly Cloudy Water

If your water is cloudy, then you have a significant water issue. Your water should NEVER be cloudy and you should not be able to see anything floating in your water either. If you are, it is time to get your water tested.

If you are experiencing any of these signs please call our team of plumbers today and we will help you with ALL of your water filtration needs! We proudly serve customers throughout the Fayetteville and Raleigh areas.

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