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Steps To Take if There Is Rust in Your Water So Your Family Stays Safe

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Do you have rust in your water? Sure, it’s a nuisance, but it also signifies more significant problems. Rusty water is a health risk for you and your family. To stay safe, you need to understand why rust appears in your water supply and what to do about it. Rust in your water should be fixed right away.

Why Is There Rust in My Water?

Sometimes, you can see rust in your water. Other times, it can be harder to spot. A metallic or “tangy” flavor also signals rust. Check to see if rust has discolored your white porcelain or ceramic sinks. Here are some reasons there may be rust in your water:

  • Water tank: If you find rust in only your hot water, it’s probably coming from your hot water tank. Sediment or rust buildup from your tank could be pushed through your plumbing.
  • Supply lines: If only particular faucets give you rusty water, one of your supply lines likely has rust.
  • Bacteria: Some strains of bacteria eat away at metals and create corrosion or rust. These bacteria can thrive in your water pipes’ dark, damp environments.
  • Mineral deposits: When your local water supply has a higher mineral deposit content than usual, it can create a rusty smell and taste in your water.

Dangers of Rust in Water

You don’t want to have high rust levels in your water for several reasons. Rust can affect your health and hygiene. Here are some of the dangers of having rust in your water:

  • Stained clothing: The minerals in your water that create rust will also get into your washing machine. They can stain your clothing and keep them from getting clean.
  • Itchy skin: The rusty minerals can be harsh. For some people, they can cause dry, itchy skin or even rashes. These sensitivities make showering or bathing in rusty water dangerous.
  • Dull hair: If you wash your hair in rusty water, you create layers of buildup. Your hair will not be clean, look dull and lifeless, and feel different.
  • Iron poisoning: While ingesting small amounts of rust may not hurt you, drinking large quantities is terrible for your health. Getting iron poisoning from consuming large amounts of rusty water is possible.
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What Do I Do if There’s Rust in My Water?

A visual guide with the text 'What Do I Do If There's Rust in My Water?' followed by three steps. Step 1 instructs to run the water, Step 2 suggests installing a rust filter, and Step 3 recommends replacing the pipes.

If you have rust in your water, here are ways to eliminate it and keep your family safe and healthy.

  • Run the water: Sometimes, rust comes from debris in your water lines. Running the water for several minutes to see if you can flush the debris out of your lines is a simple short-term solution.
  • Install a rust filter: Home rust filters can help reduce or eliminate the amount of rust in your water. This is a good option if your well or municipal water supply often has high rust levels.
  • Replace the pipes: If corroded pipes are the source of rust in your water, it’s time to replace your lines professionally.

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