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5 Tips To Keep Your Whole-House Humidifier Purring All Winter Long

When it comes to providing whole-house comfort in the winter, nothing compares to a whole-house humidifier. This simple device works in tandem with your furnace to warm and humidify the air through the central duct system. Whole-house humidifiers are essential home assets in the winter because they:

  • Counter itchy skin, sore throats, dry nasal passages and other side effects from dry air
  • Make you feel warmer so you can turn down the thermostat and save on heating bills
  • Prevent static electricity shocks
  • Help you get over winter illnesses faster
  • Protect delicate wood furniture, accessories and musical instruments

In order to enjoy these benefits for many winters to come, your whole-house humidifier requires a bit of maintenance on your part. Here are five tips to keep your whole-house humidifier purring all winter long.

  1. Change the water panel. Plan to change or clean the panel at least once a year to get rid of mineral deposits that restrict airflow and decrease the whole-house humidifier’s effectiveness. Check with the user’s manual to verify the manufacturer’s directions on cleaning or replacing the water panel.
  2. Level out the unit. The water distribution tray at the top of the humidifier must be level in order to distribute water evenly down the panel. If the entire panel is not covered uniformly with water, it experiences a decrease in efficiency.
  3. Clean the orifice. This is the device that regulates how much water flows into the distribution tray. The orifice can become blocked with scale over time, but all you need to do is insert a needle into the tiny opening to restore proper water flow.
  4. Invest in a maintenance kit. If your whole-house humidifier has been neglected for the past few years, a maintenance kit has the replacement parts you need to restore its former glory without replacing the entire unit.
  5. Close off the humidifier in the summer. You only need added moisture in the winter. When spring arrives, close the seasonal damper.

For more information on other heating and cooling topics, including whole-house humidifiers, contact the pros at Blanton’s Heating and A/C. Our experience serving customers in Fayetteville dates back to 1951.

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