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5 Ways Smart Thermostats are Much, Much More Than a Cool Display

Smart thermostats don’t just look good. They also offer a lot of smart advantages over traditional thermostats. A few reasons to consider making the upgrade in your home:

1. They Save You Money

Too often, people set their thermostats at one temperature and then forget them. Smart thermostats adjust to your preferences, so you never use more power than necessary to keep your home comfortable. These thermostats easily pay for themselves through the electricity that they save.

2. They Can Program Themselves

Smart thermostats learn your family’s patterns over time. This allows them to turn the heat and air conditioners off depending on your usual preferences. They can also adjust over time as your schedule changes; with a regular programmable thermostat, you’d have to reset each time there is a shift in your schedule. With smart thermostats, the climate in your home is based on your actual uses and preferences, not your guesses from when you try programming yourself.

3. They Adjust When You Are Away

Do you ever leave the house and forget to turn down the heat or A/C before you go? That can result in hours of wasted electricity. The Department of Energy says that you can save 1% on your electric bill for every degree you dial the temperature back while you are away from home. A smart thermostat automatically goes into away mode when you leave home to save you money.

4. They Can Be Set from Your Phone

With a smart thermostat, you can set the temperature even when you are away from home. If you have a day where you are coming home much earlier than you’d expected, you can still walk into perfect comfort. Smart thermostats also allow you to set temperatures for guests while you are away or to keep your thermostat in away mode longer if you are going to be out later than you planned.

5. They Manage Their Own Maintenance Schedules

Smart thermostats can remind you about regular maintenance so you don’t need to keep track. They let you know when it’s time to change filters and when it’s time for regular service calls. They can even email both you and Blanton’s Heating & Air when it is time to service your system, making it easy to schedule appointments.

Do you want to learn more about how a smart thermostat can save you money while making your home more comfortable? Contact us at Blanton’s Heating & Air and we can discuss the smart thermostat options that are best for you.

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