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A Zoning System: For The Right Temperature Upstairs, Downstairs And All Around The House

Do you have problems getting a consistent temperature throughout your house? Do you have warm or cool patches that you just can’t seem to control? It’s a common problem that many homeowners experience, but zoning systems provide a great solution. Not only will they help you get the temperature you want in your house, they can help make everyone in your home happy even if you have different ideas of what the temperature should be.

Most homes are equipped with an HVAC system that is controlled by a single thermostat. You set the temperature and expect the entire house to reach it. This is an unrealistic goal for several reasons:

  • Heat rises naturally and cool air settles, so your downstairs area will often be cooler than upstairs.
  • Windows allow heat to transfer in and out, so rooms with windows that face the sun will get warmer much more easily.
  • Basic architectural features prevent airflow from reaching all parts of your house, especially newly added rooms that can’t be reached by extending your ductwork.

Zoning systems solve these problems with the use of multiple thermostats. Each one controls a small area — or zone — of your house making it easier to reach and maintain your ideal temperature. For example, if a zone has more windows, it will receive more air to compensate. In other words, you can set all of the zone thermostats to meet the specific needs of the their individual zones, providing stable temperatures throughout your house.

If someone wants their zone to be warmer than another, they can simply change their thermostat without affecting the comfort of those in other parts of the house. This will help you avoid the “battle of the thermostat” that is so common in many households. Mom can have the kitchen a few degrees cooler than the living room that Dad is in, while the kids upstairs can have it even cooler.

To learn more about zoning systems and the benefits they provide, contact Blanton’s Heating & Air Conditioning today. We have proudly served Fayetteville and the surrounding areas since 1951.

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