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Do You Know The Benefits Of High-Efficiency Furnaces?

High-efficiency furnaces offer homeowners significant advantages in the short- and long-term. In particular, high-efficiency furnaces with a two-stage gas valve or a modulating gas valve are worth considering. These types of systems require a higher upfront cost, but their cost-saving features mean considerably lower energy bills, improved comfort and more.

  • Two-stage gas value: Standard furnaces operate at a single high speed. Whenever the furnace cycles on, it starts consuming 100 percent fuel to generate heat. A furnace with a two-stage gas valve regulates fuel consumption into two modes: low and high. Considerable energy savings can be had with a two-stage gas valve. Operating at the higher stage during colder temperatures consumes maximum fuel, but it also ensures enough heat to satisfy comfort. When temperatures are not so cold, such as during a sunny winter afternoon or early on in the winter season, low-stage fuel consumption saves energy without sacrificing comfort.
  • Modulating high-efficiency furnaces: With a Lennox SLP98 98% variable capacity furnace that can operate at multiple stages, this type of system offers maximum control over fuel use and energy savings. On start-up, a Lennox SLP98 modulating furnace could go into high-stage operation, consuming more fuel in the early morning hours for instance, to quickly warm up the home. Once the desired temperature is reached, however, the modulating furnace cycles on and off at lower stages, while consuming little energy to keep the home comfortable. Over the day, the SL98 variable capacity furnace’s operation will usually keep a home within .05 degree of the thermostat setting.

Both two-stage and modulating gas furnaces offer maximum energy savings to homeowners who choose them. However, other perks include a longer lifespan because the components operate at lower stages, reduced noise levels, with fewer strong blasts of air and lower fan speeds, as well as improved air quality, circulating the air throughout the home more often.

Give high-efficiency furnaces the attention they deserve when you’re shopping for a new heating system. Contact Blanton’s Heating & A/C for more expert advice when choosing a furnace, or to ask a home-comfort question. We proudly serve homeowners in the greater Fayetteville area.

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