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Dual-Fuel Heat Pumps – Why The Hybrid Option Might Work Best For Your

Can you believe it’s already summertime? It seems like just yesterday we were packing up the holiday decorations and now we’re donning our bathing suits and hosting outdoor barbecues. As the temperature heats up in Fayetteville, few of us are thinking about how we’re going to keep our homes cozy this winter. However, planning ahead can help you save a great deal of money on your utility bills as the frost starts to roll in.

One change you may want to consider making this year is a switch to a dual-fuel heat pump. While dual-fuel heat pumps have traditionally been used for homes located in colder climate regions, they are quickly emerging as one of the most energy-efficient home heating and cooling options.

Dual-fuel heat pumps work differently than conventional heat pumps in that they contain two heating sources. The first source pulls heat from the outside air – but only when temperatures outside are above about 35 degrees. When the temperature drops lower, the second heat source kicks in. The result is warmer air and lower energy usage.

The newer dual-fuel heat pump systems are also excellent for cooling your homein the summer months – which is great in areas like Fayetteville where summer seems to last from April to October. This means energy savings all year round, and especially during the months when we use our HVAC systems the most – and that’s something worth celebrating.

Finally, the duel-fuel heat pump provides automatic control. Simply ask your dealer to choose a balance point – which is the temperature point at which the system will switch from the first heating source to the second. Of course, the balance point can always be altered depending on your current needs. More control translates into greater comfort and savings for you and your family.

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