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Ductwork Design And Installation Factors That Contribute To Savings On Your Utility Bills

Ductwork design and installation is important to maximizing the performance of your home’s comfort system, just like keeping your ducts sealed and insulated. The average Fayetteville area home loses about 20 percent of energy through inefficient ducts, whether through leaks and disjointed connections or through inefficient design and slipshod installation techniques. Unfortunately, some contractors cut corners that end up costing you money.

Ductwork design and installation should be done properly the first time. It increases comfort and saves homeowners money in many ways:

  • Distributing conditioned air throughout the house evenly, maintaining neutral pressure and reducing warm or cool spots.
  • Keeping air cycling with a system of return supply grilles in each room, or in central areas on every floor.
  • Working hand in hand with your HVAC system to circulate the exact amount of airflow the system puts out.
  • Preventing sluggish airflow with ducts that decrease in size as they branch through the house. This balances energy loss experienced by the airflow as it moves away from the core of the system.
  • Incorporating smooth curves that facilitate airflow, instead of hard angles that can “wrinkle” air.

If one or more of these design elements is missing, your ducts may be wasting energy as your HVAC system struggles to make up for the flaws.

During construction or major remodeling is the best time to properly install well-designed ductwork, but existing homes can be given a retrofit. Issues that can be addressed during a retrofit include:

  • Inspecting and possibly upgrading your HVAC blower. If the blower is undersized, the furnace will not move the proper amount of air over the coils, which renders them susceptible to freezing.
  • Sealing and insulating ductwork. It’s best to have the experts take care of this, as most of your ducts aren’t easily accessible (except for those that may be in your garage, attic or basement).
  • Trading out old supply grilles for upgraded models that allow for up to 25 percent more airflow.

To learn more about the importance of quality ductwork design and installation, contact Blanton’s Heating and A/C. We’re happy to help Fayetteville area homeowners save money while staying comfortable!​

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