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Energy-Savings Myth Or Fact? Learn The Best Ways To Save

South-central North Carolina may not get as cold during the winter as the New England states or those in the upper Midwest, but Fayetteville residents know that the air can get pretty chilly around January and February. As energy prices steadily increase, we’re all looking for ways to save energy and save on our utility bills. Unfortunately, not all the tips you read on the Internet or hear from your friends are based on fact. Below is a look at some of the more common energy-saving myths.

  • Myth: Replacing your furnace with an energy-efficient model will automatically reduce your energy bills. Although many new energy-efficient heating systems will save you money on your utility bills, there are other factors to consider when shopping for a new furnace. The new furnace needs to be properly installed or you risk losing all of your savings through improperly connected duct. In addition, a new furnace should be the right size for your home. A new furnace not sized properly can increase energy cost and reduce comfort.
  • Myth: Duct tape is best for sealing duct connections. Another energy-savings myth is that duct tape is the best product to use for sealing your duct. Despite its name, duct tape ages poorly and can fail to adhere properly to dusty or dirty pipes. It’s better to use mastic or have a NATE-certified service professional inspect and seal your duct.
  • Myth: Gas heat is more efficient than a heat pump. The warmer the outdoor air, the more efficient and cost-effective a heat pump (with SEER rating of 19 or higher) is compared to a traditional gas furnace. That said, heat pumps become less efficient the colder it gets, making a dual-fuel system that relies on a gas furnace back-up a smart move for Fayetteville residents.

If you need help sorting an energy-savings myth from fact or want to get your home’s mechanical systems ready for the coming winter, give Blanton’s Heating & A/Ca call. We’ve been helping Fayetteville area homeowners with their heating and cooling needs since 1951.

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