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Will Frozen Pipes Thaw Out on Their Own?

Frozen pipes can be a homeowner’s nightmare. Homeowners must understand what causes pipes to freeze and how to prevent and treat frozen pipes. You should also know the answer to the question: Will frozen pipes thaw out on their own?

Water pipes that are used regularly never dry out completely. That means the temperature affects the residual water. When the outside temperatures drop significantly, the pipes become cold. Their coldness can cause the water in them to freeze.

Pipes can freeze quickly. If the temperature drops below 20 degrees, your pipes can freeze in as little as eight hours. As the water in your pipes freezes, it expands. The expanding ice takes up more space and pushes against the walls of your pipes, causing them to burst. It’s essential to take care of burst pipes right away to minimize damage.

Frozen icy down pipe, icicles

Signs of Frozen Pipes

Don’t let frozen pipes surprise you! Common signs of frozen pipes include:

  • Low or no flow from faucets: As your pipes freeze, the water flow becomes restricted. If you turn on your faucet and little to no water flows out, you may have frozen pipes.
  • Frost on your pipes: Check for frost on visible pipes. If pipes are frozen, the ice inside will make the pipes cold. The cold pipes combined with the warmer air of your home will create frost.
  • Ice seeping out of joints: The ice inside your frozen pipes will take the path of least resistance. That means you may see ice pushing through joints or connections.
  • Loud pipes: Sometimes pipes don’t freeze all at once. If you have chunks of ice in your pipes, you may hear loud banging or “talking” sounds as the ice moves through them.
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Thawing Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes will thaw on their own eventually. As the outside temperature warms, the pipes will also warm, and the ice will melt. While waiting until your frozen pipes thaw on their own may be tempting, it’s risky. Your frozen pipes could burst, causing extensive water damage to your home and belongings.

You need to apply slow and steady heat to thaw your frozen pipes on your own. First, open your faucets and keep them open until you have fully thawed pipes. Then, apply low heat to warm your pipes. Using a hair dryer is a great option. Just keep warming your pipes until you have full water pressure. It’s also vital to ensure you’ve thawed all the frozen pipes in your home.

Homeowners can thaw easy-access pipes on their own. If the pipes are behind walls or if you have several frozen pipes, it may be better to call a professional plumber. With their tools and experience, they will be able to help you thaw your pipes more quickly and will also be able to make sure all your pipes are thawed, so your risk of a burst pipe is lower.

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