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Furnace Making Noise? Three Reasons To Call A Professional

When your furnace is making noise, it’s not only a major annoyance, but there’s also a good chance it’s an indicator of a more serious issue. There are certain cases where the problem is just a minor one that may go away on its own, but there are three specific situations in which the best course of action is always to call a local HVAC contractor.

  1. High-pitched squealing. There are a couple of technical issues this could be indicating. Oftentimes, this noise is caused by the furnace’s blower belt slipping, which can have a direct impact on how heat is distributed throughout your home. In other cases, this high-pitched squealing noise is a sign that your motor or shaft bearings are dry and require oil. Either way, if your furnace is making this noise, it should be professionally diagnosed sooner rather than later.
  2. Low rumbling sound, with burners off. Another noise you may hear coming from your furnace is a lower-pitched rumble. If you’re hearing this when the furnace burners are off, then there’s an excellent chance that your furnace’s pilot light needs to be re-adjusted.
  3. Low rumbling sound, with burners on. However, if you hear the low, rumbling noise with the burners on, this is an indicator that the system’s gas burners are dirty and need to be cleaned. Unclean burners not only cause your home’s air to be dirty, but can also effect comfort levels.

If you find yourself in any of these situations regarding your furnace, don’t hesitate to seek the help of a local professional. If you need service in the Fayetteville area, contact us at Blanton’s Heating & A/C.