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Getting A New Heat Pump? For Maximum Savings, Get Your Home Prepped And Ready

You’re getting a heat pump — congratulations! You’re investing in a highly efficient system that will serve you well for many years. But did you know that you can maximize your savings by making your Fayetteville home prepped and ready for that heat pump? Here are a few things you can do to ensure the highest savings possible once your heat pump is in and operating.

  • Seal and insulate. Find the spots where air is leaking in and out of your home, and seal them with caulk and weatherstripping. Boost your insulation, and pay attention to your ductwork. Seal leaks in your ductwork, using mastic and mesh, and insulate ducts running through unconditioned spaces, such as the attic or crawl space. If you don’t have them already, consider replacing your drafty windows with energy-efficient units. The more you do to lower your heating and cooling load, the better your chances of getting a smaller, less-expensive heat pump.
  • If possible, locate the outside unit on the north side of your home. If you can’t do that, pick a shady spot. Make sure the unit has a 10-foot clearance on all sides, including the top.
  • Talk with your contractor about your return-air registers. Ideally, you should have a supply register in every room and one or more returns. Remove any objects, such as furniture, that’s blocking any registers.

Of course, having only the most qualified HVAC-system expert install your new heat pump is essential. He will make sure your system is sized correctly, using industry-standard methods. If you’re going with a heat pump system in your Fayetteville-area home, contact Blanton’s Heating & A/C. We can help you make sure your home is prepped and ready for that new heat pump, and then we can see to it that it’s installed correctly and serviced regularly so that your home comfort is ideal for many years to come.

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