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Help Your Furnace Heat Your Home More Efficiently

When your appliances run efficiently, your energy bills and environmental footprint will both be reduced. Below are some tips you can use to improve the heating efficiency of your furnace.

  • Maximize airflow. When air can flow freely through the rooms in your home, heat will be more evenly distributed. To maximize airflow, keep doors between rooms open as often as possible. However, if you have more than one thermostat, you should treat the areas controlled by each thermostat as separate entities.
  • Reduce wind. Protecting your home from cold winds is an excellent way to improve heating efficiency. Consider planting trees or other large plants to deflect the wind as much as possible.
  • Monitor humidity. In the colder months, keeping the house more humid than usual can improve comfort levels and allow you to set the thermostat at a lower temperature. If you find that your air is too dry, consider installing a humidifier.
  • Use exhaust fans sparingly. When you run exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom, they expel heated air outside of your home. In the winter, limit the usage of these fans to only a few minutes at a time.
  • Keep it clean. Dusty baseboard heaters, radiators and registers will reduce the efficiency of your furnace. Clean them regularly when the unit is in use.
  • Don’t obstruct registers. When registers are blocked, it’s harder for the furnace to heat your home. Look around each room and make sure that none of your registers are obstructed.

For more helpful advice on improving heating efficiency and other issues related to home comfort, feel free to contact us at Blanton’s Heating & A/C. We’ve been serving Fayetteville and the surrounding area since 1951.

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