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Household Insulation – 4 Common Types That Boost Efficiency

Nowadays, there are many ways in which to protect ourselves and our belongings from the outside elements, especially when it comes to our homes. However, as with a lot of things in life, it’s actually what’s on the inside that really counts in regards to efficiency. Even if you’ve got the exterior completely covered, what is your insulation situation? A good place to begin is with this list of the four most common types of household insulation.

  • Loose fill – Handy for use in tight spaces such as around wiring and piping, this type is usually made of rock wool, fiberglass or cellulose, and is best applied by being blown in with pneumatic equipment, as it comes in the form of loose fibers or pellets.
  • Batt and blanket – Also flexible and available in specific widths, this type of insulation is ideal for floors and walls, fitting neatly between the studs or joists. This form is probably the most commonly used in most home applications.
  • Rigid foam – This is generally used for exterior wall sheathing, as well for attic and basement applications. It can be a bit pricier than the others, but does offer a higher R-value than traditional types.
  • Spray foam – Also known as foam-in-place insulation, spray foam can be bought in a disposable can and is used around doors and windows, as well as several other spots. There are two types, closed-cell and open-cell, and both are made with polyurethane. For the former, the high density cells are closed and filled with a gas which allows the foam to expand, filling the surrounding spaces.

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