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How Delaying Repairs Could Do More Damage to Your Heater

Delaying repairs for now may seem like the way to save money, right? At least, it shouldn’t be a big deal to wait a little while.

Bad news if you believe this: Putting off repairs can cause far more damage than good.

Delaying repairs in your heating system is just like delaying fixing your car – the delay can leave you with bigger problems (and a bigger bill) in the end. Waiting to get your heating repaired can cause more damage than was already present and can eventually force you to replace the whole system.

In this case, good things come to those who act, not those who wait. Here are five ways that delaying repairs can cause more damage than good and cost you more money in the end.

1. The Initial Damage Gets Worse. Much like driving your car with dirty oil or transmission fluid, not repairing your heating system when it first breaks can get worse and worse. It may even get so bad that you have to replace the whole system. When one part goes bad it is necessary to replace it to ensure that the entire system functions properly overall.

2. The Problem Causes a Hidden Danger in Your House. When your heating system breaks, it could do more than damage the heater itself – it could do damage to your house or your family. A broken heater could be leaking gas or not controlling flames, both of which are serious, dangerous problems.

3. You End Up Trying DIY Repairs. Go long enough with a broken heating system, and you may decide that it seems easy enough to swap out a hose or switch out a gauge. However, it is never safe to perform repairs on your own unless of course you are a trained heating and cooling specialist. Though simple home repairs are easy in some cases, they are not ideal for heating systems as these systems are often more delicate than they seem. You could end up doing irreparable damage and need to replace the whole system.

4. You Void the Warranties. Not only can delaying repairs or performing your own cause more damage than necessary, it can also void the warranties on your heating system. That means it will be next to impossible to get the company that sold or installed the system to come and do any repairs. (In fact, before you delay repairs any longer, check your warranty information to see if repairs are covered for little or no cost.)

5. Everything Sets Off a Snowball Effect. Generally, when one thing goes wrong with a heater, delayed repair leads to other issues. If one part of your system is not working efficiently, it can cause extensive damage within the system and can even cause irreparable damage overall. Say, for instance, that your heater has a gauge that needs to be changed out. If you don’t change it, you can do some major damage to your heating system.

So when your heater starts making weird noises or isn’t blowing heat, do not put off getting it checked out by a professional, such as our expert service professionals at Blanton’s Heating & Air. We’ll determine which course is safest and most cost effective for your heating system repair. At the first sign of trouble with your heating, give us a call at (910) 822-2866.

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