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How Do You Get Rid Of Mold? Eliminate The Moisture That Causes It

There’s only one thing worse than the smell of mold in a home, and that’s the presence of this potentially debilitating and costly fungi.

The lessons we learned about this fungi in high school chemistry class were spot-on: the fungi reproduce when the floating spores affix themselves to a moist or wet surface and multiply. You can’t eliminate the spores — they’re everywhere — but you can obliterate their nesting sites by eliminating the moisture that causes mold to grow in the first place.

  • Repair any water damage in your home promptly and don’t return padding or carpeting to its original location until it is thoroughly dry.
  • Set your house fan to “auto” instead of “on” to prevent the blower from running continuously.
  • Avoid using your whole-house ventilation fan, especially if your home has humidity issues. Likewise, avoid opening windows and leaving them open for extended periods of time when it’s humid outdoors.
  • Clean your bathroom showers and tile regularly to keep mold growth at bay. Turn on an exhaust fan when the tub or shower is in use, then for a few minutes afterward, to dry up moisture in the room.
  • Check that the exhaust fans in your home – not just in the bathroom, but those from your dryer and stove – are vented to the outdoors.
  • Inspect your single-pane windows for signs of moisture condensation and dry up the moisture. Seal your windows with weatherstripping, particularly on windows that face north or south.
  • Keep closet doors cracked open – and don’t let teenagers throw wet towels on the floor there. Dark, humid closets are natural breeding grounds for mold.
  • Clear your downspouts of leaves and twigs regularly and aim your downspouts away from home, not toward it.

In addition to causing costly repairs, mold can literally make you sick — triggering sneezing, coughing, skin rashes and runny noises. More serious reactions include respiratory conditions, nervous system disorders and even depression.

Clearly, mold demands to be taken seriously, and Blanton’s Heating & A/C is ready to help ensure that your home is safeguarded against this invasive enemy. Call us today for an appointment, and we’ll go on the attack.

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