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How Does Preventative Maintenance Really Save You Money?

Most people wait until there’s something wrong with their air conditioning before talking to a heating and air company. It’s just how it is – unless you talk to the homeowners who get regular, preventative maintenance.

When the temperatures rise it is an inconvenient time to live without cool comfort. Booking preventative maintenance now makes sure your equipment is ready for the toughest season. Dealing with minor issues early is more cost-effective than waiting until the minor issues cause major breakdowns later.

So how does preventative maintenance save you so much money? It comes down to a few factors. These make a world of difference in the overall life of your heating and cooling system.

Small Repairs vs. Full Replacement: Preventative maintenance saves you money by doing small, easy repairs instead of waiting for total replacement. While a small repair may cost very little, a full replacement can get into the thousands for a new HVAC system. Doing things like keeping the filter clean, having regular checks, and even something as simple as replacing hoses and clamps is a great way to keep your machine in good shape to help prevent a full system replacement.

Prevention is Better than Repair: Preventative maintenance is always a good way to avoid repairs no matter how small. Chances are the cost to repair something broken on your heating and cooling system is much higher than the cost to get a system check. And, the risk of something breaking after your system check is much smaller than without checking it at all.

Protection: Performing regular maintenance is usually required to keep your system’s warranty in effect. Make sure you are keeping up with this important requirement!

Efficiency: Regular preventative maintenance extends the lifespan of your system and reduces your energy bills by lessening the overall strain.

Preventative Maintenance Plans with the People Who Know Your System Best: Some companies, like Blanton’s, offer preventative maintenance plans for systems that they install themselves. It is smart to take up one of these plans, as they can save you tons in the long run.

When a Blanton’s professional inspects your system, he or she has the experience and knowledge to determine if the equipment needs cleaning, repairing or replacement. After a comprehensive evaluation, you have the satisfaction and peace of mind knowing your system runs at peak performance. Why wait for emergency service this summer when heating and cooling companies are at their busiest? Call Blanton’s now and experience our WOW, 5 Star Experience, that has been a proven process trusted over 70+ years. Don’t settle for less, make Blanton’s Air your first call.

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