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How UV Lights Complete Your Clean-Air Strategy

If the comfort levels in your Fayetteville area home are suffering from low air quality, you should consider adding an ultraviolet (UV) light system to your heating and cooling equipment. UV lights have been proven to be an excellent method of removing harmful pollutants such as germs, bacteria and mold from the air.

Harmful particles in the air can lead to a number of health-related issues. It’s estimated that the average person spends close to 90 percent of his or her time indoors. This shows the importance of keeping the air in your house clean and healthy. By getting rid of harmful substances, UV lights are capable of producing optimal air quality levels in your home. When these harmful substances pass through the ultraviolet light, their molecular bonds split apart, and they’re effectively eliminated.

Lancet Medical Journal carried out research to prove just how effective a UV light purification system really is. Their testing utilized UV light systems in a number of different office buildings. The systems were turned on for four weeks and then turned off for 12 weeks in a cycle that lasted a year.

At the conclusion of the study, scientists discovered that health-related issues for the people who occupied the office buildings had been decreased by nearly 20 percent when the UV lights were turned on. In addition, there was a 60 percent drop in respiratory-related problems, a 30 percent reduction in mucous-related problems, and the amount of muscle-related complaints was almost cut in half. The scientists also found that nonsmokers and people who suffer from allergy problems were more likely to benefit from using UV lights.

UV lights are one of the best additions you can make to your heating and cooling system to improve the air in your home. They are also capable of helping your equipment function more efficiently by destroying any buildups of harmful substances in your system.

Before you purchase any UV lights, get help from an expert who is trained to help you select the right equipment for your house. Contact the experts at Blanton’s Heating & A/Ctoday for further assistance.

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