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Is Your Plumbing Winter-Ready?

The Essentials for a Smooth Season

Summer went by in a breeze! Temperatures are about to cool down and the time has come to think about the condition of your plumbing.

Just as you and your neighbors are taking measures to prevent heating and cooling repairs in Aberdeen, NC, or anywhere you call home, the same can be done for your plumbing. It might seem like extra work now, but you’ll thank yourself later when you’ll be enjoying the season instead of worrying about your pipes!

Frozen Pipes Are Not Your Friend

Frozen pipes are to be prevented at all costs! That’s because a frozen pipe can eventually burst and cause serious damage in your home. These are some instances to consider:

  • Pipes in unheated areas – These pipes, such as in crawlspaces and attics, are especially prone to freezing. The best way to protect these pipes is to insulate them. Our plumbers will not only take care of this job for you, but advise which pipes are susceptible to freezing and how you can best protect them.
  • Old and outdated pipes – In the case of pipes installed many years ago, the insulating material may be deteriorated. Blanton’s specializes in whole-house re-piping services giving your plumbing the fresh start needed to work properly.

Don’t delay and wait until a disruptive (and expensive) problem may be on your hands! We’ll install high-quality, versatile and efficient PEX pipes to replace the outdated materials in your home.

“Water ’bout” Your Water Heater?

Few things are worse than a cold shower in the middle of winter. But that’s exactly what will happen when your water heater breaks at the worst possible moment.

Just a few preventive measures can keep your water nice and hot all season long.

  • Test the temperature and pressure relief valve (TPR). If the temperature or pressure inside your tank ever reaches a dangerous level, this valve opens to release pressure.

You can test the TPR yourself. If water pours out of the discharge pipe after you open the valve, then the TPR is working properly.

  • Another important step is to flush the water heater tank. When sediment builds up, your system won’t run properly and can stop working.

Our plumbing team at Blanton’s will take the guesswork out of all of this for you, providing a prompt, professional and courteous experience while ensuring all important components are properly working.

Be Prepared for the Holiday Rush

Your garbage disposal can adequately handle what you put in it. But does it mean it will handle what Aunt Marge or Uncle Barry will put in it?

When family visits for the holidays, your garbage disposal will see a lot more action! If your system is already backed up, the holidays could be the final straw making your system go kaput.

Rather than deal with the frustrations of a broken disposal, give your system a check-up now, as part of your house winter readiness. Our plumbers will thoroughly check your garbage disposal to ensure it’s ready for the season.

Some Other DIY Tips

Want to know other ways you can get your plumbing in tip-top shape? Be sure to:

  • Disconnect the outside water hoses.
  • Clear leaves and debris from drainage and downspouts to ensure melted water can properly drain.
  • Inspect and clean your sump pump.
  • Shut off the main water valve and drain the system if you are leaving your home for an extended period of time.
  • If your drains are slow or clogged, check the status of your sewer line with a video camera inspection.

Leave the Rest to Blanton’s

As a hardworking homeowner, you deserve to have your home serviced by the best HVAC company in Aberdeen, NC, and the surrounding areas. At Blanton’s Air, Plumbing & Electric, our mission is to be that company for all of our clients. Whether you need electrical repair or plumbing maintenance, we do everything for our clients—and we do it right.

To get your plumbing ready for winter, conveniently schedule your appointment online, or call us at (910) 822-2866. We’ll gladly answer any questions you may have.

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