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Key Components Of Your Fall Furnace Tune-Up

Chilly autumn nights are on their way, and you should be thinking about getting your furnace ready with an annual checkup. Without regular maintenance, this much needed appliance may be pumping carbon monoxide into your home, putting your family at risk and wearing out prematurely.

Here are some things your heating professional will do during a furnace tune-up:

  1. Turn off the system: Prior to doing any work on the furnace, the power should be shut off to prevent any unwanted hazards.
  2. Clean the combustion chamber: Fuel is mixed with air in the combustion chamber, where it is ignited to generate heat. Water vapor, carbon soot and carbon monoxide are all byproducts of this combustion. Soot buildup can corrode the walls of the chamber. During the cleaning process, this carbon buildup is scraped away with special tools and vacuumed away.
  3. Inspect the flue pipe: Your furnace tune-up service professional will inspect the exhaust flue pipe for any holes where carbon monoxide can leak into the home. Patches can be placed over small holes using foil tape, but when flues are corroded they must be replaced. The damper is also adjusted during this process.
  4. Replace oil filter: Oil-powered systems should have the oil filter replaced each year to prevent impurities from clogging up the nozzle, which could shut the system down.
  5. Change air filters: The air your family breathes comes through the air filter, so this should be changed frequently. While doing this, the service professional will also check for blower belt wear.
  6. Test the burner and adjust as needed: During this step the efficiency of the burner is tested and adjusted as needed to provide more efficient performance.
  7. Clean floor vents: Good service professionals will take the time to clean the floor vents of the home to remove dirt, small toys, food scraps and pet hair.

Blanton Heating & A/C has a team of professionals who are driven to provide only the best service for your furnace tune-up needs. We focus on 100 percent satisfaction for those who depend on what we do. Contact Ustoday to set up an appointment.

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