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Need An HVAC Warranty? Take A Look At Your Options

Selecting a new air conditioner or heat pump is a major home investment that largely dictates the quality of your home comfort and energy expenditures for years to come. HVAC warranty coverage is a critical component of your investment, and warranty options should be thoroughly explored before making your final decision.

HVAC warranty coverage and options

The obvious benefit of an HVAC warranty is the assurance that you won’t be stuck with an expensive bill in the event of a system breakdown. Reputable HVAC manufacturers stand behind their products 100 percent by providing warranties through their dealers. When discussing warranty options with your HVAC dealer, be sure to ask the following questions:

  • What does the standard warranty cover? This will depend heavily on the type of equipment you choose, but standard warranties typically cover system parts and specific primary components for a period of up to 20 years.
  • Do you offer extended warranties? Extended warranties often double the coverage years of the standard warranty. This is a valuable option when weighing the expense of system replacement.
  • What is your best warranty? The answer to this question should detail items such as deductibles, length of warranty and terms of service.
  • Are warranties transferable if I sell my house? This is an important aspect of warranty coverage, and it can be a significant selling point if you put your home on the market.
  • Will I need to register my new equipment for the extended warranty? You should receive a warranty packet and assistance from your dealer regarding registration.
  • What is required to maintain my warranty? Typically, as long as you meet preventive maintenance requirements, your warranty is valid. Not only is this good for maintaining your warranty, but preventive maintenance is important for long-term home comfort and energy savings.

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