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Tired of Power Outages During a Storm? 9 Reasons to Invest In A Generator Today

When the weather gets rough, a power outage is often possible. What happens when the power goes out in a storm? It’s never fun and it can cause a lot of problems for most homeowners.

If you’re sick and tired of all the inconveniences that result, it’s time to look into a generator.

9 Essential Reasons to Install a Generator

How do you prevent a power outage during a storm? Think generator!

There are so many reasons why a generator will make your life so much easier if the electricity goes out. Here are nine rationales that will hit home for installing a generator, but there may be even more when you think about it.

1. Keep Your Food Cold

When you have a generator hooked up, you’ll never have to worry about your well-stocked refrigerator or freezer. No clams for your cookout starting to smell, no thawing steaks or melting ice cream. With a generator, everything will stay at the perfect temperature which is just what you want.

2. Stay Comfortable with your Heating and Cooling System Running

If its cold outside, you want to be cozy and warm inside. And, if the summer has brought a heat wave, you want to stay nice and cool! If the electricity goes down, you’ll soon be wondering how long do power outages last?

But with a generator, you’ll be provided with a continuous comfortable indoor temperature for you and your family while the power outage lasts.

3. Watch TV without Interruption

On a beautiful summer night, you’re relaxing watching your favorite show or a good movie and all of a sudden there’s a power outage during a storm! However, when you own a generator, you’ll never be interrupted again. Instead, you’ll be able to sit back, put your feet up and just enjoy.

4. Keep Your Kids Happy

The minute the power goes out, the kids start shrieking how their devices aren’t working. You’ll have no internet and their computers or other devices might need charging.

Now what? With a good generator installed, it switches on and things go back to normal. Everyone is happy. Having a generator is the best thing imaginable.

5. Arm Your Security System

If your family’s safety is top-of-mind, then you don’t want any downtime with in your security system. You need the system to be up and armed at all times and that is the peace of mind a generator offers.

Why worry every time a storm passes through your neighborhood when you can take care of this so easily?

6. Make Sure Your Sump Pump Operates

Some homes have trouble with ground water and during a storm the threat is even stronger. This is the last thing you want to worry about when there’s a power outage during a storm. To ensure your home stays dry and the water remains outside, a generator is your best line of defense.

7. Minimize Downtown for Your Business

Today more than ever, people work from home or run their entire business out of their house. You simply can’t afford a power outage! You need to keep working and maintain an active business which is one of the biggest reasons to install a generator today. Never be caught off guard and unable to deliver again.

8. Protect a Second Home

When you have a second home, obviously you cannot be there all the time in case of an emergency or when the power goes out. During the colder months your pipes might be at risk of freezing and bursting which will cause costly repairs. And in the hotter months, when the AC shuts off, your home might be subject to mildew and dampness.

Neither situation is good. When you install a generator and you’ll never have to worry about your second home again.

9. Retain a Sense of Calm

When you install a quality generator, power outages during a storm will no longer be a concern for you. None of these problems listed above will cross your mind because your generator will turn on when needed.

Thinking about that right now is probably making you realize just how much you need to install a generator in your home very soon.

Before the next storm hits, give us a call at (910) 822-2866 or contact usand get a quote so you too can retain a sense of calm any time a storm comes by.

If you’re in Fayetteville or Raleigh NC, have the friendly professionals at Blanton’s Air set you up with a generator.

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