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Benefits of a Video Drain Inspection


Checking sewer manhole with inspection camera.

When a drain becomes seriously clogged, you need a professional plumber with the right tools to unclog the line. A video drain inspection may be the first step to fixing your system. This service allows a plumber to see exactly what is blocking the line. Once they know the problem, it’s much easier to fix it.

In this article, we’ll discuss the process of a video drain inspection, the benefits of the service, and how Blanton’s Air, Plumbing & Electric can tackle your sewer line clogs with ease.

What Is a Video Drain Inspection?

Inspecting a clogged drain can be challenging, but a video inspection makes the process much easier. Using a special camera, a plumber can push a video camera down a drain, monitoring what it sees along the way. After many feet or many yards, the camera will reach the clog or find other issues in your pipes. The plumber will be able to see these problems and thus be able to better determine the best way to go about clearing the line.

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How You Benefit From a Video Drain Inspection

A homeowner with a serious clog in their pipes can benefit greatly from a video drain inspection. A few benefits of this service include:

  • Quicker repairs: When a plumber can see the clog through a video camera, they can fix the problem quicker than trying to guess what is causing the clog.
  • Less invasive repairs: With a video drain inspection, there is no need to take apart piping or dig in the yard to reach the clog.
  • Proper repairs: When the plumber knows what is causing the clog, they can perform the right repairs using the right tools for the specific type of clog.

A video drain inspection makes the entire drain clearing process much easier. Both plumbers and clients benefit from these kinds of inspections.

Schedule a Video Drain Inspection With Blanton’s

Blanton’s Air, Plumbing & Electric provides video drain inspection services that can help make an unclogging project much easier. Our plumbers have the proper tools and equipment to carefully snake a video camera down your drain to uncover the source of your clogs. Then, we can safely clear the line with the right treatments and check with the camera again to ensure it’s gone.

A video drain inspection is the first step to clearing out a serious clog. Set a date for video drain inspection today by contacting the Blanton’s team.

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