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What Are The Key Considerations To Get A Fair Deal On Emergency Plumbing Service?

What Are The Key Considerations To Get A Fair Deal On Emergency Plumbing Service?

Emergency plumbing service should not cost an arm and a leg. Prepare yourself with this information before making the call for plumbing repairs.

If you’re in need of emergency plumbing services, you’re probably ready to do anything to get the issue fixed. A clogged sink or toilet, backed up pipes, or slow drain can quickly turn from minor irritant to day-runner. A plumbing problem in a high-traffic area, such as your kitchen or main bathroom, needs to be addressed as soon as possible, and time is definitely of the essence. You may have heard that day-of plumbing repairs are ridiculously expensive. Unfortunately, this is sometimes true. But one thing is for sure: Your plumbing company should give you an honest quote for emergency service. They should also explain the reasoning behind each cost associated with repairs. The service professional or service professionals should perform thorough work quickly, cleanly, and efficiently, and alert you to any unexpected costs or issues that arise during the repairs. Be your own advocate when calling for plumbing services. Here are the questions you should ask your service professional, as well as the considerations you deserve from them in return.

Do You Need Emergency Plumbing Service TODAY Or Can It Wait?

Without a doubt, day-of plumbing repairs cost more due to their time-sensitive nature. Before you schedule a service call, ask yourself how imperative the fix really is. Is it a slow drain, or completely stopped? Is the sink, tub, or other drain in a high-traffic area that multiple family members use, or that gets used throughout the day? If so, do you have an alternative sink or bathroom you could use while you wait for repairs? Do you have company coming, or an important event that requires attention in the immediate, or can you “deal” with the problem for a day or two? These are all important questions to ask yourself before picking up the phone, so you know what your bottom line is.

Explain to your plumbing company that the repairs are high-priority, but if you can wait a short while, you may use that as a bargaining chip in scheduling a repair date (and fielding the associated costs). While you wait for professional repair, you may try your luck at some DIY fixes[2]. But, for serious problems, it’s smart to check with your service professional what they recommend; it’s possible that you may do more damage when attempting to fix a complicated plumbing issue.

Explain The Problem As Thoroughly As You Can

Many homeowners don’t want to get near a plumbing problem. And that’s okay — that’s what we’re here for. But before you call for emergency plumbing repair, it’s key to take a look at the issue and observe any relevant details. Having a clear understanding of the problem will help the service professional give you an honest estimate. If you overlook or leave out a major part of the problem, the price on your bill may not reflect the quote you received. However, it goes without saying that an honest plumbing company will alert you to issues as they arise, not as they hand you the bill.

Ask About The Associated Costs BEFORE Work Begins

Of course, an honest plumbing company will let you know that it’s difficult to give an exact cost of emergency plumbing service and repair before the work begins. That’s why initial price quotes are called estimates, not certains. But it’s crucial that you, the consumer, describe the problem as thoroughly as you can… and then ask follow-up questions about what fixes are required. Some questions to ask your plumber are:

1.How long is the service work expected?

2.What are the labor costs involved?

3. Will more than one service professional be required?

4. Will specialty parts need to be ordered?

Together with your service professional, you can wrap your head around the “worst case scenario” regarding your plumbing problems.

Talk through all possible outcomes from the simplest (for example: a plastic dinosaur toy stuck in the toilet; easily removed) to the most dramatic and costly (for example: tree roots obstructing your pipes; extensive work required). Be sure that both parties are aware of all potential scenarios of project scope.

Emergency plumbing service is never pleasant, but it shouldn’t require you to empty your bank account. If you’re in Fayetteville or Raleigh NC, give the friendly professionals at Blanton’s Air a call. We’re ready to help, and provide efficient, safe service, following all COVID-19 safety protocols. Contact us at (910) 822-2866.

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