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What’s The Best Air Filter For Allergies On The Market Today?

Ah-choo! Sounds like you need information on the best air condition air filter for allergies. We’ve got answers.

Allergies are a big pain in the neck (or is it the nose?). An air filter for allergies is one of the most crucial ways to minimize suffering and start breathing clearly. If you suffer from common household allergies to things such as mold spores, pollen, dust, and pet hair or dander, your first line of defense is a quality air filter.

Of course, medications and routine treatments with a trusted doctor or medical professional can help you manage allergies. But those are only one line of defense. Instead of constantly attempting to treat the symptoms of allergies, health professionals recommend going to the source of the problem. This means removing or diminishing the most common causes of household allergies. The easiest, and lowest-maintenance way for you to accomplish that is with an air conditioner air filter. But how do you know which air filter is best? And does the type really matter? We’ll address all of that and more.

Why Is an Air Filter for Allergies Important?

It’s important to note that an air conditioner doesn’t just regulate temperature; it conditions and improves air quality in your home. As the air conditioner processes the air already in your home (and the air from outdoors), it must move through a filter, which purifies it. What is then passed through the ducts and out of the vents of your home is clean, healthy air. It’s neutralized from any foreign objects, and feels great to breathe. This is why air conditioners are a great investment for your family’s health and comfort.

But here’s the rub. A congested or dirty air condition air filter means that as air passes through the filter, it comes in contact with dirt, dander, dust, and other allergens already trapped in the filter. What passes through the filter (and into your home) may be slightly more pure than it was pre-filtering… but over time, this will cause aggravated allergy symptoms. Improperly filtered air is air that contains all of those pesky sneeze-inducing foreign objects. So, it really is a smart idea to maintain a clean, fresh air conditioner for allergies.

The Best Air Conditioner Air Filter for Allergies

Asking an HVAC professional, “What’s the best air conditioner air filter for allergies?” is like asking a parent, “What’s your favorite child?” Here at Blanton’s, we love all of the air conditioner brands we work with. They’re energy efficient, proven to last, work hard, and gosh darn… they look great doing it. Whether you choose a Honeywell, Lennox, or Armstrong unit, rest assured that all of these air conditioners contain top-notch air filters. As a bonus, these standout brands also easily connect to smart home systems, such as Nest, so you can moderate your ideal temperature “above deck” while the compressor, coils, expansion valve, and yep, the filter, do their thing behind the scenes.

But although your personal choice comes down to preference, budget, and size preference, we will share two imperative pieces of information.

First: The ideal style of air conditioner air filter is one with many pleats and folds; in essence, this means more surface area for capturing allergens and particles.

Second: The best air conditioner air filter for people with allergies is a clean air filter. This is without a doubt the best way to handle allergies of all kinds, and when addressed regularly, is low-cost, too. A clean air filter is more important than the style. Although high-efficiency air filters known as HEPA filters do indeed trap over 97% of particles, they restrict air flow, thus defeating one of the main purposes of an air conditioning unit.

How Often Should I Change My Air Conditioner Air Filter?

How often should you change your air conditioner air filter? Quick answer: It depends. Here’s why: Not all air filters are created equally. Some are designed to be swapped every month, and are less expensive. Other air filters can be kept in place for as long as 6 months. While there are many digital tutorials for how to perform at-home air conditioner maintenance and repair, we recommend calling your professional HVAC team to perform these tasks. If you’re not sure how often your specific model requires an air filter change, that’s something your installation and maintenance team can help you with. Schedule a service call for a friendly (and socially distanced) inspection today.

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