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When Some Like It Hot, And Others Like It Cool, A Zoning System Keeps The Whole Family Happy

Zoning systems allow you to cater to the desires of different occupants throughout the house at the same time. The temperature at one end of the house can be entirely different than another area and neither party will know. Much in the same way that light switches give you control over lighting in your house, zoning systems give you greater control over how conditioned air is distributed through your house, increase comfort and positively impact efficiency.

In traditional systems, one thermostat is used to set the desired temperature of the entire house. Zoning systems incorporate several thermostats that control how different areas of the house receive conditioned air. This helps you avoid the “battle of the thermostat” that occurs when different household members can’t agree on what temperature to set the thermostat.

The goal of creating one consistent temperature throughout an entire house is unrealistic due to design factors. The fact that heat naturally rises makes second stories warmer than first stories. Other common household features like glass windows also allow more heat to transfer in and out of the house. This leads to warm or cool patches around these parts of the home that you won’t experience with zoning.

Zoning systems also help you reduce the amount of energy HVAC systems consume. You can set empty zones to an energy-saving setting so that you aren’t paying to deliver conditioned air to empty rooms. This will, of course, lower your utility bills, as well as reduce the wear and tear your HVAC systems get, extending their longevity.

An HVAC specialist can help plan out a zoning strategy. Together, you can decide which rooms should be grouped together in a zone, based on how they are used. Once that is settled, the installation involves adding a control panel to your HVAC systems, thermostats, and dampers to your ductwork, along with some minor ductwork modifications.

If you want to end the “battle of the thermostat” in your house, zoning systems are for you. Contact Blanton’s Heating & A/C today for more information. We have provided expert heating and air-conditioning services to Fayetteville for 60 years.

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