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Why An Energy Evaluation Should Include A Blower Door Test

If you’re concerned about the air quality in your home, you should seriously consider having an energy evaluation performed. Among other things, your audit should include a blower door test.

The professionals at Blanton’s Heating & A/C have the expertise to properly perform blower door tests. We have the necessary equipment to properly measure how much air is leaking from your home.

Establishing the correct structural tightness is important because it reduces:

  • the consumption of energy lost to air leakage
  • problems created by moisture condensation
  • unwanted drafts produced by incoming cold air leakage
  • air contamination while improving air quality

It is important to properly prepare your home for a blower test. Ensure that…

  • all windows and interior doors are closed
  • the thermostats on your heater and water heater are turned to the lowest setting possible
  • wood stoves and fireplaces are free of ashes
  • fireplace doors and dampers and wood stove air intakes are closed

A blower door test involves a number of steps:

  • The calibrated fan is mounted into the framework of an exterior door.
  • The air pressure in the building is lowered when the fan is turned on.
  • Any cracks and openings in the building will provide a space for the higher outside air pressure to flow back into the building.
  • Professionals are then able to determine the location of the leaks and the rate of infiltration.
  • Blower door test should be followed by the analysis of carbon monoxide detectors.

The test results will indicate the energy efficiency in your home. An airtight home will have a higher energy efficiency rating. Professionals also can analyze how well your home is ventilated. If necessary they will advise you on any changes needed to improve your ventilation.

Contact Blanton’s Heating & A/C to schedule an energy evaluation. We can provide you with the services and expertise to ensure that you have the best possible air quality in your home. We proudly serve the Fayetteville area.​

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