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Your Indoor Air Quality: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Many people don’t recognize that they have poor
indoor air quality. This is because most problems associated with unhealthy air are unnoticeable.
Mold, dust, humidity and toxic chemicals are commonly found in homes in
North Carolina, but they often carry no odor and are not visible.

Air-purification units are very helpful in eliminating dust and other airborne
particles like dander and pollen. These units collect irritating particles
and pass cleaner air back into the home, reducing allergy and asthma symptoms.
Often, symptoms can seem unrelated to an allergic reaction, but fatigue
and lack of concentration can all be a result of poor indoor air quality.

Humidity and mold spores go hand in hand inside a home. When moisture levels
exceed 60 percent, mold can thrive. Breathing in mold can produce allergic
rhinitis symptoms such as runny and itchy nose, cough and sore throat. Using a
dehumidifier regularly can help bring moisture levels back to normal and prevent an
increase in respiratory dysfunction such as asthma.

Products in our homes such as carpet, painted walls, cupboards and cleaning
products all emit volatile organic chemicals into the air we breathe.
You typically can’t smell these toxins in the air, but many people
experience nausea, abnormal bowel patterns and asthma from not correcting
this unhealthy air problem. Air-purification
units can help with airborne chemicals, especially units that feature HEPA or
carbon filters.

You can
contact Blanton’s Heating & A/C for more information on having an indoor
air quality test performed to determine what the main culprits in your
home are. The experts there can also assist you with choosing an air-purification
unit or dehumidifier that can help you breathe healthier and safer air.

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