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Zoning Systems Provide Heating And Cooling For Varying Needs Within The Home

Households that cater to multiple members’ comfort needs should consider a zoning system to reduce the constant thermostat battle. Zoning systems can give different areas, or zones, in your home their own climates. Don’t use your kitchen during the night but want to keep your bedroom warm? Installing a zoning system can help you do just that.

Is a zoning system right for you?
Before you embark on a new investment, determine whether your home falls into one or more of the following categories:

  • You have multiple levels in your home.
  • Part of your home is completely or partially underground.
  • Areas in your house seem stuffy.
  • Your home contains rooms that are closed off and not used often.
  • Family members have distinctly different temperature needs.
  • You have an attached home office that’s used all day.

A zoning system works by providing multiple thermostats and dampers within your ductwork that will help you control temperatures in the different areas of your home.

You can also save money on your energy costs by setting your thermostat lower during the day or night in areas of the home that are not in use.

An HVAC expert can look at the layout of your home and determine how your home could best benefit from a zoning system.

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