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Whole House Repiping in Fayetteville

Start Strong with a New Set of Pipes

The majority of homes built before 1981 use galvanized pipes in their plumbing systems. At the time, this type of piping material appeared to be effective, but knowing what we know now, it’s best to replace them.

Over time, galvanized pipes deteriorate from the inside out. So a pipe that looks great on the surface can actually be very damaged and inefficient. As rust builds up, water cannot flow freely through the pipes. Your pipe is the same size on the outside, but can only transfer half the water it should be able to on the inside.

When Should You Repipe Your House?

Have you ever turned on the faucet and noticed that the water is discolored for the first few moments? This is a telltale sign your pipes are rotting and rusting from the inside out. If your home was built before 1981, you should replace your galvanized pipes with a newer, more durable material.

Blanton’s Air, Plumbing & Electric will give you the fresh start you need. Specializing in whole-house repiping, we’ll help you discover the difference of an efficient, reliable plumbing system that saves you money over time.

We Choose the Least Invasive Approach

Too many contractors fail to show consideration for your home. They care about getting the job done—not necessarily how it gets done.

At Blanton’s, we think differently. When we repipe your home, we show the utmost respect for your property and schedule. Our plumbers in Fayetteville use PEX pipes, which are far more versatile and efficient than galvanized pipes. This means we won’t need to gut your home or tear down walls just to make the piping fit. We speed up the process and make things easier by using high-quality materials. But rest assured, we never cut corners in our work.

Schedule an Estimate With Blanton’s

Not sure if your pipes should be repaired or replaced? Schedule a one-on-one consultation to have our Fayetteville plumbers examine your pipes and share our findings with you. If we believe you stand to benefit from a whole-house repiping, we’ll work with your budget, usage expectations, and more to make the process as easy as possible. You’ll be amazed at the difference new, rust-free pipes can have on your comfort and overall quality of life.

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