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Add Insulation To Correct Energy Loss

Balancing your energy budget can be a challenge. With approximately 50 percent of energy dollars going to heating and cooling in the average home, the last thing you want is for that energy to be wasted thanks to inadequate insulation.

The role of insulation

Insulation reduces heat transfer. In winter, warm air moves naturally from heated areas of your home directly through cracks and leaks to the outside. But if your insulation is inadequate, it can also seep through floors, ceilings and walls to unheated areas like the garage or attic. This process is reversed in summer, allowing hot humid air inside, which puts a strain on your air conditioner. Adding insulation will help lower your expenses and improve the comfort level in your home.

Before you insulate

Insulation can’t do it’s job if you have air leaks; these must be sealed prior to the installation of insulation. Use caulking and weatherstripping to seal around windows, doors and any other cracks or crevices that will allow energy to escape your home. Sealing air leaks is an important first step to properly insulating your home.

Common types of insulation

Batts are one of the most common insulation types. Comprised of fiberglass or rock wool and available in long rolls, batts are easy to install by simply lying them between unfinished walls joists and studs. Batts have the added benefit of being one of the most economical types of insulation.

Loose fill is insulation is blown into place using special equipment. It is made from small pieces of mineral wool, fiberglass or cellulose, and it is ideal for upgrading existing homes insulation and hard-to-reach places. Common uses for loose fill insulation include attic floors and inside of walls. Loose fill usually requires professional installation.

If you live in the Fayetteville area and would like to learn more about home insulation and other HVAC topics, contact us at Blanton’s Heating & A/CCorp. Our staff is dedicated to providing excellent service and customer satisfaction!

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