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Here’s How Your Home Will Benefit From An Energy Audit

Whether your goal is to lower your carbon footprint or to save on your monthly energy bills, you can benefit from a home energy audit. Basically, this is an assessment your home energy efficiency, complete with tips on how to improve it.

Energy Star offers a free Home Energy Yardstick to measure the efficiency of your home and compare it to other homes in your region. Most of the information you need for this simple energy audit is on your monthly energy bill.

For the best results, however, you should have your home evaluated by a professional. During a professional energy audit:

  • Your technician will assess the exterior of your house, make measurements and draw a sketch of your home.
  • You’ll be interviewed to discuss areas of concern. Make sure you have your energy bills from the past year for the technician to analyze.
  • All combustion appliances will be inspected to ensure proper operation, efficiency and safety. Your technician will also make sure the appliances are vented properly.
  • Your technician will do an interior inspection, including the attic and the basement or crawlspace, to measure insulation levels.
  • A blower door test will be performed to locate air leakage. Most professionals also have an infrared thermal camera to map air leaks throughout the house. The furnace and the duct system will also be evaluated for leakage.
  • A computer software program will be used to analyze the data. Your technician will also do a cost analysis and recommend cost-effective ways to help make your home tighter and more energy efficient.

After an energy audit, you can expect to be armed with information to make your home more energy efficient. Contact Blanton’s Heating & A/C to help you make the energy retrofits you need. We serve the Fayetteville area.

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