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How to Match Your A/C to Your Business’s Needs

The air conditioning needs of a home and business are vastly different. While the decision for an air conditioner may be relatively simple for a homeowner, business owners have many other considerations. Keep in mind the following ways you can help match your AC to the needs of your business.

• Think About the Busy Season – When is your company’s busiest season? If you are busier in winter and slow in summer, you may not need as powerful of an air conditioning system, and vice versa.

• Cooling Time – How quickly can the AC cool the air in your building? If you will be keeping it off and only using it when needed, this may be a big consideration. Read up on how long you can expect it to take for a full cool down.

• Maintenance – How much maintenance should you expect with the system you are considering? Choosing a system with a high up time may save you money on maintenance expenses – plus, it will keep you and your staff nice and cool during those warm summer months.

• Control Issues – What type of control do you need for your system? There are more options available in thermostats today than ever before. From standard to digital, hidden thermostats to internet powered “smart thermostats”, one of these options will work perfectly for the needs of your business.

• Money Matters – While the most energy efficient systems may cost a bit more up front, they can save you significantly over the life of the system. Hybrid systems may be a good solution in some cases too. Think about the long-term cost when deciding which one to pick for a replacement.

• Humidity – How humid your building is can have a big impact on how the system works and what system you should choose in the first place.

• Consider Machine-Generated Heat – If you operate a business, you have to think about more than just cooling based on outdoor temperatures. If you run big machines or even complex computer servers, you may find that you need a more powerful system than you first thought. Keep this in mind when choosing your system.

• Guarantees and Warranties – Nearly every AC system comes with some type of warranty. Look at what this includes before you pull the trigger and decide to purchase. A strong warranty may protect you in case of an unexpected outage.

If you have any questions about finding the right air conditioning system for your business, contact Blanton’s Heating & Air. Our team of skilled contractors and air conditioning experts will be happy to work with you and help determine your exact needs.

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