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Let Whole-House Humidifiers Rescue You From Dry Indoor Air

Are you fed up with the dry, itchy skin and other discomforts that accompany dry winter air? Fayetteville area homeowners can find relief from dry air issues with a whole-house humidifier system.

How whole-house humidification works

Whole-house humidifiers efficiently eliminate dry indoor air from your home. Once your heating and cooling professional has attached the unit to your heating and cooling system, set your humidistat within optimal humidity levels (45 to 55 percent) and find instant relief from dry air.

The humidifier introduces water vapor to indoor air as the air handler circulates air through the ductwork. Water drainage and supply is furnished directly from the plumbing. Easy-care maintenance involves changing or cleaning the filter, or media panel, at the beginning of the heating months. Scheduled maintenance by an HVAC technician is also recommended.

Benefits of whole-house humidifiers

Whole-house humidifiers bring a host of benefits that portable models can’t touch:

  • Health and comfort: With a whole-house humidifier, itchy skin, irritated nasal passages, sore throats and a lowered immune system caused by dehydration and/or fatigue can be prevented. Properly humidified air inhibits the proliferation of many viruses that exacerbate upper respiratory issues and increase the chance for infection and catching colds.
  • Savings: By adding moisture to dry indoor air, it makes the air feel warmer and more comfortable. You may find that you can lower the thermostat and still feel comfortable at the lower temperature. This could potentially save substantial heating costs. The EPA states that each degree the thermostat is lowered saves about 4 percent in heating costs.
  • Property: Dry air can cause damage to household items like wood furnishings, molding, door frames, paint, wallpaper, photos and musical instruments. In other words, any porous object in your home is at risk from dry air damage. In contrast, humidified air provides a thin layer of moisture to protect these items. Properly humidified air also helps prevent static-electric shocks.

For more expert advice about whole-house humidifiers and other home-comfort issues, please contact Blanton’s Air, Plumbing & Electric today.