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This Is Why You Need A Generator

Hurricane season is here! Don’t live in fear that your family could find themselves without access to electricity after a bad storm. Generators are a necessity for every North Carolina homeowner. Your generator will keep all of your electrical necessities up and running so you & your family can remain as comfortable as possible during a stressful storm Below are just THREE reasons why you need to purchase a generator this Hurricane Season. 


Preparing Gives You Peace of Mind

Typically when a hurricane is approaching, homeowners will stock up on items such as canned goods, water, and gasoline in case they find themselves stuck at home for days or even weeks. There’s no need for the preparation to stop there! By preparing with a generator, you can have peace of mind in knowing that your family will be able to comfortably weather any storm.

Maintaining Your Food Supply

When the power goes out, your refrigerator will be the first affected. Food that is stored will quickly go bad as the temperature rises. Not only will you lose money on all of the wasted food, but you may also find yourself rationing very small portions for each meal as your food supply dwindles. Some foods, like infant formula, are necessities that need to be refrigerated. Without a functioning refrigerator, you could find yourself in a dire situation as these things start to go bad.



When a storm causes the electricity to go out, the level of discomfort in your home will only increase as the hours and days go on. As the temperature of your home rises, you’ll also begin to notice the lack of airflow. When the air is stagnant, it will cause your space to feel humid and musty.

Don’t find yourself stuck trying to get a generator last-minute when a hurricane is approaching. Storms will come, and just as homeowners prepare by stocking up on water, you need to prepare by ensuring that you’ll have access to electricity. Prepare your home this hurricane season by calling Blanton’s at (910) 822-2866 to purchase your generator today!

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