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Yes, It Is Possible To Reduce Air Conditioner Noise

Yes, it is possible to reduce air conditioner noise!

The bad news is, air conditioner noise can disrupt your family’s peace and quiet and spoil relations with neighbors, too. The worse news is air conditioner noise only tends to get worse as outdated systems age. An older central AC unit is a perfect storm of noise production: a single-stage compressor running at 100 percent output, a metal, belt-driven fan and spring-operated solenoids, all enclosed in a ventilated metal cabinet that amplifies noise.

How to Reduce Air Conditioner Noise

One strategy to reduce air conditioner noise is to replace the old AC causing it. Upgrading to a new high-efficiency unit gets you a dual-stage compressor that operates at 67 percent output most of the time, dramatically reducing noise. Vibration-isolating compressor mountings further diminish sound transmission, and the precision-balanced, direct-drive fan made of lightweight composites is quieter than the old metal clunker. Advanced vent design exhausts air from the sound-insulated cabinet with a whisper instead of a roar. High-efficiency units produce noise levels as low as 69 decibels—13 times quieter than a single-stage AC. They also reduce utility costs as much as 25 percent or more.

If you’re going to be hanging on to the older unit for a while, here are some tips to reduce air conditioner noise levels in the meantime:

  • A compressor blanket made of sound-dampening material can reduce compressor noise up to 65 percent. Available to fit popular brands, these easily-installed blankets simply wrap around the noisy single-stage compressor.
  • Dirty metal fan blades are blunt and unbalanced, and they have poor aerodynamics, which leads to higher noise levels. They can also put wear and tear on the fan bearing, further increasing decibel levels.
  • A wooden, eight-foot fence enclosing the A/C unit will dampen noise by diverting it upward. The slats of the fence should overlap so there are no gaps, and there should be at least two feet of open space on all sides of the A/C for air circulation.

At Blanton’s Air, Plumbing & Electric, we offer the latest in high-technology products, and we have the trained service professionals to service them. Count on us for more advice on how to reduce air conditioner noise and restore peace and quiet in and around your Fayetteville or Raleigh-area home.

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