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4 Ways A Generator Saves You After A Storm

Living without power is uncomfortable and can make life at home difficult. When you install a generator, you will never have to worry about losing access to the things you need when a hurricane hits. Here are four ways generators can save you after a storm.


Loss Of Communication

Depending on how bad the storm was, it could be days – and even sometimes weeks – until everyone is properly accounted for. If you lose electricity and an emergency was to happen while you were stuck at home, you would NOT be unable to call for help. Generators will allow you to maintain contact with emergency services and other family members during the recovery process.


Access To Food

When your electricity goes out, your refrigerator will go with it. Many homeowners have stocked fridges,freezers and if they stop running in a crisis, you will lose all of that food that your family may desperately need. Having a generator to keep your refrigerator running will keep your family healthy and fed when you need it most!


Added Comfort

If your community has been struck by a bad storm, there’s no way of knowing how long you will be inside. When the power goes out, your A/C system will turn off, causing your home to heat up quickly. The only way to keep your home prepared is by keeping your cooling system running with a generator.


Peace Of Mind

Undergoing a bad storm can be scary and worrisome enough. There’s uncertainty as to where the storm will first hit land, how strong it will be, and what could happen to things such as your home and cars. At the very least, a generator will give you peace of mind in knowing that once your family has weathered the storm, you will be able to safely undergo the recovery process at home together.

Prepare your home this hurricane season by calling Blanton’s Air, Plumbing & Electric at (910) 822-2866 to have your generator installed today!

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