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An Air Conditioner Tune Up in Fayetteville This Spring Means a Cool Home This Summer

If you’re half as excited as we are about the arrival of spring… well let’s just say we are SO excited to see longer days, warmer temperatures, birds flitting about, flowers blooming, and thermostats finally being switched to the OFF (or maybe even to the COOL) setting.

It’s spring in eastern North Carolina, and you’re trading in your boots for flip-flops; you’re planning beach vacations; and you’re calling the most trusted Fayetteville HVAC service provider for your annual air conditioner tune-up.

You are calling Blanton’s Heating & Air for that air conditioner tune-up, right?

You should be.

Spring around here is lovely, but summer? Summer is a different story. The last thing you want to have to deal with in the mid-July heat is an air conditioner that has suddenly decided to stop working. So don’t. Be proactive this spring; schedule an inspection and preventive maintenance service, and ensure your home and family stay cool all season.

Spring is the time to schedule an air conditioner tune-up…

…because our schedule will fit your schedule.

Flash forward one more time to that day in mid-July; your air conditioner has stopped working, and you call Blanton’s Heating & Air in a panic. We take pride in quick and efficient customer service, but chances are our schedule will be a little more booked with emergency repairs than it is right now with routine maintenance. Give us a call to schedule your tune-up today, and we’ll work around your schedule.

…because tune-ups and preventive maintenance increase efficiency.

A dirty air conditioner has to work much harder than a clean one, and it’s when an air conditioner is forced to work overtime that that air conditioner might decide to stop working altogether. During a tune-up, Blanton’s trained, certified HVAC service professionals will clean and inspect your air conditioner’s coils, its motor, and the ductwork; replace the air filter; and lubricate the moving mechanical parts — all in the name of maintaining optimal efficiency.

…because a tune-up prevents that mid-July emergency from happening at all.

Regular inspections not only save time and increase efficiency; they also allow your HVAC service provider to identify and fix small issues before they turn into major problems. It’s preferable to have to fix a small refrigerant leak now than to have to replace a burnt-out compressor later, wouldn’t you say?

Save yourself a little time, money, and sweat.

Call Blanton’s Heating & Air to schedule your spring air conditioner service today.

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