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AC Repair Services in Fayetteville & Raleigh, NC

A reliable air conditioning system makes summers in North Carolina far more enjoyable, but even the most well-maintained systems can occasionally break down. When you need a reputable and honest HVAC contractor to get your AC running smoothly again, turn to our team at Blanton’s Air, Plumbing & Electrical.

Our company has been serving Raleigh, Fayetteville, and the surrounding areas since 1951, and we are eager to help with all your air conditioning repair needs. We offer expert AC repairs, AC maintenance, 24/7 emergency service, and more.

Has your air conditioning system stopped working? Don’t let your home get hot and stuffy. Call (910) 822-2866 or contact us online for fast, reliable AC repairs anywhere in Fayetteville or Raleigh, NC.

Common Signs You Need AC Repair

Being without air conditioning during the middle of summer is never fun. Before your system stops working, it will often display signs of a problem beforehand. If you notice these early enough, you can prevent a breakdown and avoid unnecessary system damage. Call our team at Blanton’s right away when your notice the following symptoms of AC problems in your Raleigh or Fayetteville home:

  • Problems starting – If your air conditioner trips breakers, makes the lights flicker, or takes a long time to start, it may be drawing unusually high amperage, indicating compressor or blower motor problems.
  • Short cycling – If your air conditioner shuts down before reaching your desired temperature, there may be problems like a dirty coil, low refrigerant, or duct obstructions.
  • Frequent cycling – When your air conditioner cycles on and off too frequently, it could be a sign of a clogged filter, low refrigerant, dirty coils, or other serious issues.
  • Frozen evaporator – Ice or first buildup on the evaporator or refrigerant lines may indicate that dirty coils, a clogged filter, or low refrigerant levels are interfering with the heat transfer process.
  • Water leaks – Water dripping from the AC evaporator inside your home indicates that the condensate drain is clogged, allowing the drip pan to overflow.
  • Odd noises – Sounds like grinding, screeching, buzzing, or banging could indicate a problem with the compressor, blower motor, blower fan, or other components.
  • Strange smells – Sour or musty odors may indicate bacterial growth in the system, while burning plastic odors may point to electrical problems.
  • High cooling costs – A malfunctioning air conditioner will often use more energy, increasing your cooling costs and utility bills.

For help with any of these air conditioning problems, talk to our team at Blanton’s. Call (910) 822-2866 today or contact us online to speak with our AC experts today!

Schedule Air Conditioning Repair in Fayetteville & Raleigh with Blanton’s!

Keeping your air conditioning system running reliably and efficiently is our specialty at Blanton’s. We strive to “WOW” our customers with exceptional service and workmanship on every visit. By choosing our company for all your air conditioning repair and service needs, you can expect:

  • Honesty, integrity, and a commitment to always do the right thing
  • Forward-looking values that foster growth and development
  • A can-do attitude that translates into innovative solutions to home comfort problems
  • Scheduling that respects your time
  • Generous workmanship guarantees
  • Friendly, experienced personnel

When you need someone you can count on for quality AC services in Fayetteville or Raleigh, NC, look no further than Blanton’s. Call (910) 822-2866 or contact us online to schedule your AC repair services today!

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